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PaySmart was founded in 1996 by a couple of gym owners, so the fitness industry is in our DNA — and we know it’s a challenging sector where owners have to wear many hats. That means that when a health and fitness business needs the best direct debit service in Australia and New Zealand, they can trust PaySmart to help them out.

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading gym membership payment system, PaySmart is here to help. PaySmart removes the stress from the process, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync and frees you up to focus on what you do best.

  • Seamless integration: PaySmart’s gym direct debit solution integrates with leading health and fitness management software like ClubWare, tboae and PTminder.
  • Personalised approach: We’ll work with your members to ensure you get paid – especially if they run into difficulties – and so they’re motivated to stay with you.
  • Reduce your admin burden: Leave the paperwork to our gym direct debit solution so you can focus on your business and members.
  • Experienced service: Benefit from our tailored advice – we can help implement your new payment system and grow your local market share.

There are no other direct debit service providers in Australia and New Zealand who work in such close partnership with the fitness industry and understand the features you need to grow your local market share.

Chris and Corrine Chalmers
PaySmart has proven themselves to us year after year with their professionalism and attention to detail...
Chris and Corrine Chalmers
CrossFit Geelong

PaySmart has worked in partnership with the fitness industry for more than 20 years and we’re yet to come across a successful business that didn’t use direct debit as a core component of their business structure.

During the early 1990’s, the fitness industry saw the introduction of gym direct debit billing transform fitness centres from cash-based operations, to more secure subscription-based models, giving them better cash flow security and making expansion possible.

PaySmart’s integrated direct debit for gyms billing and management software solutions are tailored to both large and small-to-medium sized players in the Health & Fitness and Gym industries, and because it’s fully integrated with club management software such as Clubware, the whole process is seamless, real time, and available 24/7.

This removes the stress from the process, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync, and frees you up to focus on what you do best.

Software Integrations

PaySmart integrates with leading health & fitness software like ClubWare, Tboae and PTminder

Grow Your Gym

Our experienced Business Development Managers are here to provide one-on-one advice – not just to implement a new direct debit gym membership system – but to grow your share of the local market.

Reduce Admin

Let PaySmart do the heavy lifting for your recurring membership fees. We make it easy for Gym owners to easily set up and automate the collection of payments with our easy-to-use gym payment software.

Retain members

Give your members the flexibility to pay the way they want and significantly reduce dishonoured payment transactions, in-turn increasing your cash-flow

Innovative Solutions

We make it easier than ever before for you to sign up new members with our direct debit gym membership software. Our innovative and user friendly interfaces are easy to access and navigate for new members to join.

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PaySmart was founded in 1996 by a couple of gym owners, so the fitness industry is in our DNA

Clubware Integration

PaySmart’s integrated gym billing software and management solutions are able to be tailored to perfectly suit health and fitness businesses like yours and it’s fully integrated with Clubware making all processes seamless, real time, and reporting available 24/7.

Designed and developed with valuable feedback from professionals in the industry, Clubware comprises responsive, innovative features that include member management, front desk administration, comprehensive reporting, class bookings, and retail management. Clubware’s also released a brand new custom Mobile App which will improve your member’s experience and overall impression of your business!

Clubware’s Key Features Include:

  • Custom Mobile App
  • Membership Management
  • Integrated Billing
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Online Class Booking
  • PT & Class Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Point of Sale

And much more!

Gym Software By Gym Owners

PaySmart was founded by gym owners, so we know the challenges you face and the many hats you wear. We’ve worked in partnership with gym and health club owners across the fitness industry for over 20 years and every successful business we meet leverages direct debit as a core business component. However, most could get more from direct debit by fully integrating it with their gym membership payment system.

PaySmart’s integrated direct debit for gyms software solutions are tailored to suit the current and future needs of all gym businesses, from small-to-medium-sized local health and fitness businesses to nationwide franchises.

Health Industry Case Studies

Do what you love most!

If you own a gym or are in the health and fitness industry, when you work with PaySmart’s gym direct debit software, you can say farewell to all that administrative legwork around payments and prepare for the extra time you’ll have to focus on your members and business growth.

We’re a service-focused business so when you’re ready to make your life infinitely easier, PaySmart will help you get set up, we’ll respond to your questions, we’ll manage non-payments on your behalf, and we’ll work with you to make adjustments to your billing systems, processes and customer information along the way.

Integration with your direct debit billing system removes the stress from the process, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync, and frees up your time.

24/7 Flexibility

We also know that as a business owner, you don’t operate a standard 9-5 day, so we designed our systems to give you the flexibility to access and amend your customers’ account information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via our online system WebExpress.

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