Recurring Payment Platform

PaySmart’s join and sign online services make it even easier for your customers to sign up to your auto recurring payment system without any hassles – and it ensures payments are made to you without delay.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce failed payments: Our recurring payment platform is paperless, making it better for the environment and for loading contracts, giving you inbuilt data integrity checks.
  • Client follow ups are so easy: If your prospective client doesn’t sign up on the spot, you can follow them up with a link taking them directly to the form.
  • Reduce admin and errors: There’s no duplicating the data entry at your end or misinterpreting handwritten data, which minimises the risk of error. Less errors means a decreased dishonour rate on the customer’s first payment.
Joey and Adam Mogg
“I wish we’d made the move to PaySmart sooner as it was most definitely...
Joey and Adam Mogg
EzyFit Health & Fitness

PaySmart recurring payment software has so many
advantages – for you and your clients.

When a new client signs up to your service on your website, they can also get signed up to PaySmart’s direct debit billing at the same time. Their form is submitted directly into the recurring payment system, so there’s no duplicating the data entry or backlog of paperwork—plus less handling of data means less chance of human error, so it’s more likely that the online payment process will go smoothly!

Great for the environment

When you accept recurring payments using PaySmart, you are working in a paperless process that keeps your system orderly and saves trees!

Flexible and easy to use

Your customers can sign up any time, from anywhere—and the design is responsive to mobiles and tablets so it’s really easy to use.

Safe and secure:

All of PaySmart’s data is stored in Australia—we’re a leader in ensuring the highest standards of data security with a Level 1 (Version 2) PCI-DSS Compliance rating—and that means peace of mind.

Reduces errors which can occur in data entry.

Our recurring payment software has inbuilt data integrity checks which increases efficiency and reduces the risk of failed payments

Helps you get paid sooner

Contracts with a recurring payment can be debited as early as the next business day!

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PaySmart was founded in 1996 by a couple of gym owners, so the fitness industry is in our DNA.

What do our clients think about our online forms to get their recurring payments started?

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Going paperless with PaySmart’s Sign-On-Line forms has been the best thing for our Clubs. With multiple locations and staff members, using Sign-On-Line means that everything is submitted on the spot, eliminating the possibility of misplaced paperwork and incorrect bank details, while also saving staff and the members’ time. This kind of technology solution presents a really professional image to the customers too and it’s great that the member receives a copy of the paperwork directly to their email address.

Jamie, XFC Manager

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