Setting Up Direct Debit for Customers

PaySmart’s innovative direct debit solutions have offered support to a variety of industries including health and fitness, education and martial arts for over 25 years.

PaySmart offers a 24/7 service which makes it quick and easy to set up direct debits for your customers. You’ll find using our direct debit system is mutually beneficial for your customers and your business.

  • Peace of mind with secure payments: Our security systems protect payment data for your customers which is our first and most important consideration. We operate on a Level 1 (Version 3) PCI-DSS compliance rating. You have the convenience of automatic payments which don’t need to be verified every month while you can still feel confident that your money is safe.
  • Improved cash flow with automatic payments: It’s easy for customers to forget to pay bills even when they are delighted with your service. Setting up direct debits for your customers puts you in control as payments are taken automatically by the due date. That means improved cash flow which allows you to keep offering the best service and more accurately plan for the growth of your business.
  • Round the clock business support: You will never be left to figure things out on your own when you set up direct debits with PaySmart. Our national team of Account Managers are constantly helping our business partners take leaps and bounds to maximise their business growth. We offer telephone and online support to help answer all your questions and to provide assistance with systems and training.
  • Less wasted time and resources: Do you find yourself manually sending invoices and relying on customers to pay them? That takes valuable time and resources away from other parts of your business. When you set up direct debit for your customers, the process is fully automated which also means no more manual data entry. You will still be notified of all payments and non-payments, but without the need to do it yourself.

Setting up direct debits for your customers through PaySmart is one of the simplest things you can do for your business, but the benefits are substantial.

Cash flow is a common source of stress for any business no matter the size. You never want to waste precious time and resources chasing payments just so you can keep running your business. Setting up direct debit is an easy and convenient way to ensure your business always has a steady income. When you accept direct debit payments through PaySmart, you will know exactly when payments will arrive in your bank account. You can stop chasing unpaid invoices and focus on providing the best service for your customers.

Automatic payments through PaySmart offer just as many advantages for customers. That’s where setting up direct debit can help. The set-and-forget nature of PaySmart makes it one of the safest and most convenient payment options. It takes just a few easy steps to start your direct debit payments and then you don’t have to remember to pay your bills on time.

Working with PaySmart just makes our payment process so simple, both for our customers and for us...
Dawn Gaskell
Office Manager,
Yellow Office

Running your business can be complex, but collecting payments doesn’t need to be.

We know you already have enough on your plate trying to run your business, so PaySmart aims to make managing the financial side easier. Our dedicated Business Development team have been business owners themselves. They understand how difficult it is to get a business to the next level and are ready to share their first-hand experience to help you.

Direct Debit Processing

When you decide to set up direct debit processing with PaySmart, our Business Development team will provide all the assistance your business requires to succeed, including:

  • Understand More: Understanding your current billing services and payment requirements
  • Unparalleled Support: Providing relevant support to integrate direct debiting into a business.
  • Training Provided: Training all staff on the PaySmart Systems and online accounting software
  • Personalised Support:Being your personal Business Development Manager to provide ongoing support

Direct debit is already a hugely popular service around the world as more and more businesses discover the power and convenience of scheduled payments. There are millions of direct debit transactions made in Australia every year with most households using automatic payments for at least one regular bill. PaySmart can help your business take advantage by setting up direct debit for your customers.

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