Yellow Office

Dawn Gaskell
Office Manager,
Yellow Office

About Yellow Office

Yellow Office are experts in professional outsourced office services. They provide three service packages to suit a range of businesses, from a basic start up service, through to an entire outsourced front and back office support system. Customers pay only for the hours they need and receive professional, efficient and fast service from experienced office support experts. The team also offers book keeping and social media business services.     


Challenges faced

The problem Yellow Office faced was straight forward. They were spending too much time administering their payment processes—corresponding around the payment process, invoicing and chasing overdue invoices. Collecting payments had become a bigger deal than it needed to be, and they wanted to simplify this task through a third party.


Working with PaySmart just makes our payment process so simple, both for our customers and for us. It’s a win win.


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

Choosing to work with PaySmart to provide a direct debit service for our customers was an easy decision as we’d had a great experience working with them previously on another business. The set up was really simple and most of it was done online and over the phone.

PaySmart provides excellent support to get you up and running quickly—it’s an easy system. We have access to a great PaySmart Business Development Manger who has been really helpful and patient, guiding us through the setup and subsequent payment processes. The Customer Service Centre is also terrific and answers any questions we have quickly and efficiently. I love that I can talk to someone in Australia who has both the knowledge and the context to solve my problems fast.

The Results

Working with PaySmart has been a real pleasure. We just don’t need to think about our payment processes anymore. It’s no longer weighing on our mind and taking up our valuable time—it just happens in the background and it’s really simple to monitor. Plus, when we implemented PaySmart, our customers got on board without any issues. PaySmart has also given us more certainty in terms of cash flow. We know that when the emails are sent, the money will be in our account on the specified day, at the specified time.