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Frequently asked questions

I’ve noticed PaySmart on my bank statements but I don't know what this is for?

PaySmart is a direct debit billing service. So if you’ve noticed PaySmart on your bank statement, it’s probably because a service you use or subscribe to works with PaySmart to collect their fees. This could be fees for child care, college or school, golf, gym or fitness club memberships, or even personal training lesson fees or sessions with a business coach. If that doesn't answer the question and you need more information, please use our live chat or call us and we can help.

My recurring payment amount or billing cycle has changed?

If you have not arranged with your service provider for your recurring payment amount or billing cycle to change, call us on 1800 801 797 and we'll investigate it for you.

How do I change my contact details or debited account details?

It’s easy – contact PaySmart Connect, our Customer Service team on 1800 801 797 and they will update your details for you. Note: due to maintaining high security standards we ask that you do not email or share your payment details online!

Can I change the way I pay or the frequency of my payment schedule?

Absolutely – contact our Customer Service team on 1800 801 797 and can help you to action this change.

My credit card had insufficient funds available during the debit cycle, how do I make a payment?

You can easily make a payment, call our friendly Customer Service team on 1800 801 797 to make a payment.

What if I've missed a payment, how do I fix this?

We understand that life can get busy and payment dates can slip through the cracks. Just contact PaySmart Connect on 1800 801 797 and we'll help you get back on track.

Can I cancel a Direct Debit?

Give our Customer Service team a call and we can send a cancellation request on your behalf, and depending on your initial agreement, block any further payments.

What are my rights as a customer?

Make sure you’re armed with the right information. You can read your rights as a customer here.

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