Joey and Adam Mogg
Joey and Adam Mogg
EzyFit Health & Fitness


About EzyFit

EzyFit is 100% locally owned and the Sunshine Coast’s largest 24hr Health & Fitness Club. EzyFit has created a community-orientated club where members become friends and have a great time getting fit. With 70+ classes per week, 2000m2 of floor space, three group fitness studios, a ladies only room, an open floor plan with a large range of free weights, and cardio equipment powered by Technogym, EzyFit offers an energised and exciting environment where members see real results.



Challenges faced

When Adam and Joey Mogg bought EzyFit Health & Fitness Club in 2015, they inherited an existing member database and direct debit billing system. That system had over 17,000 entries comprising current and past members, in addition to children using the crèche.

Communication to members was almost non-existent and the true number of members was unknown. It was frustrating for the new owners who couldn’t effectively run their business. The inherited direct debit billing provider was also difficult to talk to and email responses were at least 24 hours apart, administration processes were slow and the system didn’t allow for multi-tasking. There were also too many steps and screens to undertake simple administration procedures— i.e. adding a new member.


I wish we’d made the move to PaySmart sooner as it was most definitely one of the best business decisions we’ve made


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

We worked together with PaySmart through the initial transfer process. They took it upon themselves to inform all of our members of the change in our direct debit billing provider. That in itself was a significant weight off our shoulders, as we knew it was a big and very important job.

The support from PaySmart was, and continues to be, top class. Our local PaySmart Business Development Manager has been great. He goes above and beyond and shows genuine care to us as a client. He visits us regularly, often of his own accord, just to see how we’re going. And whenever we’ve had a question, it’s been answered or resolved on the same day.

The Results

The transition to PaySmart was seamless. We were anxious about how it was going to work, but were very impressed with how it rolled out. PaySmart was always available to speak to us and any problems or issues were resolved almost immediately. The way PaySmart manages the billing process with our members works really well too—they’re able to choose the week and the day their debits comes out, which is really convenient for them. The transfer of money into our accounts has always been quick and smooth—never a problem from our end. And if there are ever any rejected debits from our members, PaySmart follows this up for us, which frees up our office staff. All of the frustrations we had with our previous billing provider have been lifted and the relationship we have now with PaySmart is a huge asset to our business.