Dayne Hughes
Dayne Hughes


About Catalyst247fitness

Dayne Hughes, a successful PT for more than a decade, is the passionate leader behind Catalyst247fitness. Offering a combination of personal training, cutting-edge equipment and first-class facilities available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, catalyst247fitness is helping members achieve healthier, happier lifestyles.     


Challenges faced

When establishing Catalyst247fitness, Dayne brought more than ten years of experience as a PT to the business, including an intimate understanding of the uncertainty that comes with lump-sum and irregular payments. Without regular, secure cash flow, Dayne knew how difficult it was to plan for the incomings and spend the outgoings with confidence. He had also seen many colleagues in similar and other industries struggle to maintain their primary business focus and passion, because they were tied up collecting overdue payments. As he was starting a new business, he was determined to start it the right way.


PaySmart’s direct debit system is flexible for clients and provides secure cash flow for us.


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

When we were in the planning stage of our business, we went to the Perth Fitness Expo and that’s where we met our local PaySmart Business Development Manager. Of all the direct debit billing providers we met, PaySmart was by far the most helpful. Even though we weren’t yet an established business, our PaySmart BDM treated us as though we were, walking us through the options and how the training would work, giving us a really great insight into the system and providing advice on our hardware requirements. She had so much experience in the fitness sector and really helped us to work through scenarios to make sure the solution was right for us, rather than just ‘selling’ us something.

At Catalyst247fitness, we use a PaySmart+Clubware solution—our payment and management systems are integrated which makes administrative life incredibly easy. Plus, the complimentary training PaySmart arranged was awesome and enabled us to get the systems established before we’d even opened our doors.

The Results

PaySmart has been a win-win for us and for our clients. Many of our clients don’t want to lock into a long financial commitment, so direct debit billing moves them away from an up-front payment model into one that’s flexible for them, and provides secure cash flow for us. PaySmart’s eDDR system also meant that we had more than 100 foundation members directly signed up to the billing system prior to our launch date, so business cash flow was rolling as soon as we opened our doors. This online access also gives new clients the ability to complete their paperwork from the comfort of home, which is great.

The reports provided by PaySmart are also fantastic as every week we can check in and see where we’re at and forecast and set targets. Also, having access to our accounts via a web-based program gives us the control and flexibility to do what we need to do from home, at night, on weekends and while we’re away. Finally, one of the best benefits of PaySmart is that debt recovery is no longer something we need to worry about on a day-to-day basis.