Hayley Becket
Hayley Becket
Personal Training Studio


About AbsonFitness

absonfitness is a personal training studio like no other. After operating for over six years in Maida Vale, WA, the second “Abs On” studio was opened in Ellenbrook, WA in September 2015. While absonfitness is not part of a big chain and is definitely not open 24 hours a day, they do offer a fun and supportive, boutique studio environment where clients are mentored closely. As well as a great range of group sessions, they also offer a one-on-one service built around their unique ‘Abson Method’—a holistic blend of resistance training and nutritional coaching, guaranteed to get results.



Challenges faced

As the business started to grow and more clients were coming on board, business owner Hayley Becket felt like time was at a premium and that she was wasting a lot of it on the invoicing process and the handling of cash. Then subsequently, every 10-12 weeks, the process would be repeated as she invested time in the sales process, talking with and resigning clients before again rolling out the administrative processes including invoicing and following up on payments. It was a repetitive cycle and a time-wasting headache.


Working with PaySmart has enabled a steady stream of cash flow into the business, which has given me the confidence to dedicate more time and focus to other areas of absonfitness.


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

When I began to talk to PaySmart about direct debit billing, it awakened me to the concept of what cash flow really meant and took all of those time-wasting administrative processes out of the equation as I centred my sales system around direct debits. My local PaySmart Business Development Manager provided some one-on-one assistance to help get me set up. It was really useful to get that hands-on coaching as I’m the kind of person who needs to be shown things again and again, so I was grateful to feel supported and nurtured through the new process. At the time, I was a little scared that my clients might reject a new system like direct debit billing, and it did feel a little like pulling teeth to start with until I got the hang of it, but ultimately it made things easier for me, and for my clients. Only a couple of clients continued to pay cash, but the majority moved over to direct debit.

The Results

By applying a direct debit system for cash flow, it forced me to reassess other aspects of my business systems and to bring them into alignment. It wasn’t just an administrative process, but my philosophy and methods that were also adjusted. The great thing is that it’s help me to better run my business and improve my cash position—I can go on a holiday and the money still goes in the bank! The results have been rewarding on a number of levels—it’s given me a simple strategy to adjust my minimum terms or charge-out rates, which has not only enabled me to grow the business, but it’s also made a big difference to my happiness in running the business.