CrossFit Geelong

Chris and Corrine Chalmers
Chris and Corrine Chalmers
CrossFit Geelong


About CrossFit Geelong

CrossFit Geelong is a full-time, purpose-built CrossFit facility with a reputation as one of Australia’s most successful CrossFit Boxes. Operating as Physical Revolution since 2003, business owners Corrine and Chris Chalmers relaunched as CrossFit Geelong in 2011. With a diverse group of more than 300 members, highly experienced coaches and a great environment that builds friendship and community spirit, CrossFit Geelong runs like a well-oiled machine.     


Challenges faced

Early on in their business, Directors Corrine and Chris soon realised they
would not have time to complete all of the administrative jobs they’d managed
themselves when starting out, in addition to their hands-on role driving the
business. They knew they needed to streamline their payment systems at their
end—plus, they wanted to make it easier for their clients to pay membership
fees. Choosing a direct debit billing company with a great reputation was a really important factor in their decision making.


PaySmart has proven themselves to us year after year with their professionalism and attention to detail. Their Customer Service Centre and client service is brilliant. They constantly look at ways to improve efficiencies, which helps us as a growing business. WebLink has decreased time spent on administration, which reduces our overheads and means we make better use of our time with new and existing members. For us, no one else comes close to the standards set by PaySmart.


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

When we started working with PaySmart, they took the time to understand our
business and our key challenges. They showed us how to streamline the financial
and administrative processes to suit a business of our size, as there was no way
we could continue to collect fees from members manually.

Over the years, PaySmart’s new systems and technologies have continued to help our
business operate more efficiently. WebLink is a great example—it’s an online direct debit
form that enables new members to join our programs directly from their own computers.
It’s a paperless solution that removes any double handling or administrative burden at our end, which is a major benefit!

PaySmart has also recently integrated with a management software program specifically
for CrossFit businesses. PaySmart+Tboae not only brings our management, member
and payment systems together, but it’s also geared for CrossFit businesses so it really
suits our needs.

The Results

Running a direct debit billing system makes it so much easier to keep track of payments.
It improved our cash position by providing consistent cash flow, which in turn, has enabled
us to grow our business. For more than a decade, PaySmart has provided excellent
customer service and continues to innovate and find new solutions and processes, so
we’re confident we’ll move into the future together in great hands. Most importantly, we’ve
been a lot less stressed and a lot happier running our business since we started working
with PaySmart.