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Tag: Maciek Fibrich

Minimising Risk – Focusing on Quality Assessment Tools

When it comes to non-compliances, based on the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s (ASQA) figures, the majority of non-compliance issues relate to the practice of assessing and assessment tools. Over 70% of organisations audited have identified issues in this area. There is an extraordinary number of RTOs that do not 'pass' audit on the first attempt, due to [...]

Running an RTO—one big puzzle

Running any business is like one big puzzle—there are multiple moving pieces, each fitting together to create a cohesive whole. These pieces can include a marketing and sales piece, a systems and processes piece, a people piece and a finance piece, just to name a few. Somewhere in there, is inevitably a corporate governance and [...]

The Age of Ignorance is Long Gone

How the cost of non-compliance is higher than investing in compliance I absolutely cringe when it comes to the pervasive scaremongering in the VET sector, which includes throw away comments about ASQA being difficult—that the government has an agenda to close down small RTOs and that managing compliance is hard. But one thing that’s for [...]