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Tag: Leadership

Giving school families payment options that work

We all know families come in many shapes and sizes and their financial situations can be equally as diverse. While many can afford to pay for independent schooling fees up front, others can struggle, particularly when financial or family circumstances change. According to an article in the Australian Financial Review rising education costs meant one in [...]

Changing the Performance Appraisal Forever

Why is the ‘performance appraisal’ meeting rarely met with joy…these often serious, uncomfortable, artificial or perfunctory meetings? Seriously, we can do better! Make the performance conversation about fairness and clarity. That means co-developing and noting the scope and dimensions of the role and of relevant key observable measures of success. Make it about recognition. Recognise [...]

Leadership: going beyond the superficial

In 1997, literary critic F R Leavis wrote that society tends to concentrate attention on the ‘convenient’ problems and so rejects the real solutions. You might agree the observation still has currency. The motif is reminiscent in Tolkien’s character, Frodo, who discards his weighty helmet, belt and shield for the fray but ignores the ring, [...]