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Tag: financial stress

Still chasing Semester 1 fees as Semester 2 looms?

As school administration teams busily begin preparing fee notices for the coming term, it can be a reality check to realise how many families’ fees for Semester 1 are still outstanding. This is often the case for schools offering a range of payment options, including up-front, monthly direct debit, term-by-term or semester-by-semester. These schools may [...]

How schools can ease the pressure on families facing financial stress

A growing number of Australians lack confidence in their financial position and are worried about meeting household expenses, according to AMP’s 2016 Financial Wellness Report. And it’s not just a problem for low-income households—the report indicates financial stress for high-income earners (earning $150,000 and above) has doubled over the past two years. Bad debt and [...]