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Innovation to improve dishonour payment rates for clients

Any business knows that innovation is critical to its ongoing success—whether it’s new technology, services or ideas to offer that little bit extra to their customers and keep them ahead of the game. At PaySmart, we’ve made an ongoing commitment to improve the service we offer our clients—to help make their job of running a [...]

Electronic forms = less paperwork = greater efficiencies = more time!

Until now, your customers could complete their membership and sign up to PaySmart’s direct debit billing either by a physical paper form or directly online. However, from 31 March 2017, PaySmart will switch to online contracts and direct debit forms only—we’ll no longer be accepting faxed or uploaded contracts/DDRs.  Benefits of online forms PaySmart’s electronic [...]

Service that makes your business easier

PaySmart Service Spotlight: Service that makes your business easier    It’s one thing to make a client happy in the short term; it’s something entirely different to sustain their satisfaction long term. At PaySmart this is our core goal. In fact, from our parent company’s most senior managers, through to individual PaySmart employees, we are [...]