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Category: PaySmart News

Holiday season information for PaySmart clients

As we approach the holiday season, don’t forget to check your diaries and mark up when your payments are scheduled—you may also want to let your customers know too! As banks don’t process debits, settlements or dishonour payments on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, this will affect how quickly we can settle [...]

Pre-silly season business planning

When you hit December, it’s tempting to ease back on the accelerator as you slide into summer holiday mode, so now’s the perfect time to keep your focus and prepare for 2019. If you put in the work this month, you’ll be able to enjoy the seasonal fun and be ready to hit the ground [...]

Strategies to avoid holiday cancellations

When the Christmas decorations appear around town, the countdown to summer holidays is on! So November is a great time to put strategies in place to ensure your members aren’t tempted to cancel their gym or program memberships due to their summer travel or extended holiday plans. What are my options? To avoid cancellations, let [...]