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As the Australian benchmark in direct debit billing, PaySmart is proud to do business with some of this country’s leading martial arts and fitness organisations, childcare centres, RTOs, and schools, among many others.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled some of the leading experts in their respective fields to provide regular articles on topics that matter—things like best practice, industry trends, policy shifts and ways to help you get the most out of your business.

Every month we present a fresh round of articles from key industry experts—so follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to keep across the conversation, or check into our website at any time to browse the articles. PaySmart looks to sharing articles and insights from the experts to help you succeed.

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Easing the pressure on school business administrators

Education business administrators have the critical task of ensuring the smooth running of their schools, so their teaching staff can focus on the important job of educating students. A school that’s running effectively makes everyone’s job easier—but as anyone working in schools would know, it’s easier said than done. Take chasing outstanding school fees for [...]

Laying the ground work for a bumper spring membership drive

With the warmer weather here at last in spring, it’s the perfect time to energise your fitness business and put some strategies in place for membership growth. In fact, with summer around the corner, a membership deal could be just the thing to motivate new members to sign on with your fitness business. Whether it’s [...]

Celebrating no hike in fees 20+ years

It’s hard to believe, but in the 20+ years PaySmart has been in business, our fees haven’t changed—strange but true! So as the price of goods and services increased in line with rising inflation, PaySmart has bucked the trend and kept our fees unchanged. Why haven’t fees risen? As costs rise the obvious step for [...]

Want support to grow your business? Ask us how!

Something that really sets PaySmart apart from our competitors is the personalised service provided by our local Business Development Managers (BDMs). Our BDMs are located around the country and every PaySmart client has access to a BDM in their region who not only knows the PaySmart system instead out, but can also work with you [...]

Finding time to do what you’re great at

Often business owners can get so consumed with running a business that they can miss out on doing the work they’re really passionate about—the thing that inspired them to run a business in the first place! For fitness businesses it could be the joy you get from running a great PT session or class, or [...]

Making it easier to sign new clients

Does your direct debit billing provider help you sign new clients? If not, you need to consider how partnering with PaySmart could help build your business. If customers make regular payments to access your services, direct debit billing is the way to go, and PaySmart’s join online feature can help you complete this payment loop [...]

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