Make your association’s EOFY renewals a breeze

Does the end of financial year mean it’s also time to chase membership renewals? Many associations are run by just one person or a very small team, so it can mean an extra-heavy administrative workload at an already busy tax time.

And we all know that follow up is part of the job when it comes to memberships—people get busy and forget to do the renewal paperwork, or they do the paperwork but don’t get around to paying. It’s part and parcel of modern life.

Make your renewal system simple!

When your association works with PaySmart, we take the stress out of the renewal process for you and your members. By offering a regular direct debit payment option, your members can pay their membership fee across the entire year.

Through this process you can also set up auto renewal for your members, so rather than having to re-register or pay manually, their membership automatically continues, as do their payments. So that makes it easy for you— you don’t have to chase renewal paperwork or payments, and the member doesn’t have to do anything at all!

Of course, the added benefit to your association of having members pay in regular fortnight or monthly portions, is that it can also help with the association’s cash flow. It also frees up your administration staff as they don’t have to follow up any dishonoured payments—we’ll do that for you at PaySmart. This gives you and your team more time to focus on activities and services for your members.

We’ve had great feedback from the associations we work with around Australia about how setting up direct debit clients on an automatic membership renewal process has contributed to stronger membership retention rates.

Talk to one of PaySmart’s friendly staff about establishing a direct debit billing service for your members today. It’s an easy process and we provide all the support you’ll need.