Data security & accuracy boosted with online system

On 31 March this year, PaySmart switched to a paperless system of data entry. All new data has since come into the PaySmart system via online portals.

If you’re familiar with PaySmart, you’ll know this applies to new contracts for electronic direct debit billing (eDDR) and signing up new members via Sign-On-Line and Weblink.

The benefits of the paperless system were set to increase efficiency for our clients and reduce the risk of failed payments through inbuilt data integrity checks.

And the great new is, it’s worked!

In the three-month period since going 100% online, we’ve recorded a 10% decrease in data errors. That means our clients are spending less time following up on incorrect customer details AND importantly, they’re getting paid on schedule.

PaySmart’s electronic forms are easy to use and are responsive to smart phones and tablets. They’re the easiest way to get your clients signed up to your membership and direct debit billing, as new contracts are loaded immediately at contract sign-up and can be debited as early as the next business day!

If you’re new to PaySmart, getting started is easy and you’ll be supported every step of the way by our wonderful Australian-based account management team.

And if you’re already with PaySmart and would like further training on eDDR, Sign-On-Line or WebExpress, simply contact the Client Account Management Team on 07 3866 9100 or

Contact a PaySmart Client Account Manager today.