Motivating your members & attracting new ones through the winter months

It’s that time of year when it’s much easier to get a car park at the gym! With the cooler weather, it’s harder to get motivated in the mornings, while after work, the lure of an early evening on the sofa with a cup of tea can easily knock the PT session off the schedule.

So what do you do when your customers want to hibernate through winter? Do you bunker down and ride it out knowing that with spring comes renewal and it’ll all be okay?

You could do that, or you could get on the front foot now. If you’re in an industry you know struggles through the winter months and you find it a challenge to grow your membership base while keeping current members interested, why not provide a carrot they just can’t refuse?

June/July is a great time to run a membership campaign. Whether you link it to the end of financial year, winter or something else altogether, it can be worth the investment if the campaign returns new members to you now, rather than in three month’s time when the weather warms up.

Plus, if you attract new members at a time when traditionally, business is a little slower, you and your staff will have more time to invest in your new members when it really counts. By the time business organically picks up, your newbies will have hit the ground running.

PaySmart’s Business Development Managers are a great sounding board for your ideas, including winter marketing campaigns. Give your local PaySmart BDM a call today for their advice.