PaySmart Direct Debit Management Services


If you’re new to direct debit billing and you’ve read the overview on why use direct debit billing, you may still be wondering exactly how direct debit billing works.

We’ve simplified the process below:

  • Direct debit services are a way for you to collect payments from customer’s automatically.
  • When you’re a PaySmart client, we help you set the system up on your office computers.
  • We also provide you with all of the paperwork you’ll need to get your customers signed up.
  • The easiest way to do this is through an electronic Direct Debit Request form (eDDR), read more.
  • Once your customers have completed an eDDR, we can begin collecting payments on your behalf—at no cost to you. Your customers will incur a small fee for the payment service.
  • We collect, clear and pay fees to you promptly and accurately, and we always ensure the integrity of your customer data.
  • If your customers are late with payments, we also follow this up on your behalf through our comprehensive debtor management system, read more.
  • You can make changes to your customer information at any time, 24/7 through WebExpressread more—or being a full service direct debit biller, the PaySmart team can perform all of the regular administrative aspects of your billing service during business hours.
  • Plus, PaySmart also provides a fully integrated end-to-end solution by ensuring software, billing, entrance control or other management systems, talk to each other. Read more about PaySmart+.

Discover how Paysmart’s direct debit management software can speed up your business processes


Getting your customers up and running with PaySmart is simple. Our electronic Direct Debit Request (eDDR) forms are easy to use and responsive to a variety of mobile technologies including smart phones and tablets. So it simplifies things for your customers and also reduces your administrative workload, giving you more time to focus on other tasks.

e-DDR forms take away the hassle—they’re submitted at the point of completion and there’s no duplicating the data entry, thereby minimising the risk of error. And if your prospective client doesn’t sign up on the spot, you can follow them up with a link taking them directly to the form.


Debtor Management System

For whatever reason, if a customer misses a payment, PaySmart’s Debtor Management System kicks in—at no extra cost. We undertake your dishonoured payment recovery for you, so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone chasing outstanding fees when you could be working on your business.

How does PaySmart’s dishonoured payment recovery work?

  • Customers with dishonoured payments are sent an email, SMS and letter requesting they contact PaySmart’s Customer Service Centre immediately—our Customer Service operators have direct access to the relevant payment areas and can help your customers address their situation as quickly as possible.
  • Dishonoured payments are processed immediately, rescheduled or a payment plan is established.
  • Action regarding dishonoured payments is updated in our Benchmark system.
  • Delinquent customers are referred back to you after three failed payments.
  • You then advise PaySmart whether to continue debiting or to refer the matter to debt collection.
  • You are in control of your customers at all times.


WebExpress is an internet-based, real-time financial management system that’s fundamental to PaySmart’s Benchmark service. With WebExpress, there’s no duplication of data and no delays to your recurring payment system that can occur when mailing or faxing forms. Plus, the system provides total security to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts.

Using WebExpress makes it possible to:

  • Securely access your accounts 24/7 via the internet
  • Manage your business at your own convenience
  • Run live reports and access historical data
  • Debit your new customers the day after you’ve submitted an eDDR form
  • Modify accounts and add new customers.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! Clients often wonder if they’ll be able to learn how to use new systems, but are consistently surprised at how easy it is to use WebExpress.

Our Business Development Managers will sit down and talk you through how to use the system, and our Client Account Managers are only ever a phone call away when you have a question. They’ll also talk you through how to complete Direct Debit Requests using sign-online technology, which directly links to the WebExpress system. That means you can get your business moving faster, and without getting bogged down in paperwork. Contact PaySmart today to get started.

Thinking direct debit billing? Think PaySmart.