Direct Debit for Martial Arts


PaySmart Direct Debit for Martial Arts  

PaySmart is the billing company of choice for more than 1,000 businesses representing close to 45,000 martial arts students across the country, and we continue to help leading dojos put the right direct debit systems in place to manage their growth sustainably.

The martial arts sector represents PaySmart’s fastest growing client base and is helping to transform thousands of Australian martial arts, UFC and CrossFit businesses from cash-only, to thriving subscription-based business models.

PaySmart works across the spectrum of businesses, from small studios to large franchises and is skilled at providing a fully integrated direct debit billing solution for the industry with The Martial Arts Business Software’s WhiteBelt.

Watch the below video to see how PaySmart’s integration with The Martial Arts Business Software works.

We also provide clients with exclusive access to a suite of complimentary business coaching resources through a partnership with martial arts leader TIMA—the business coaching arm of WAIMA. If you’d like to know more or if you’re thinking PaySmart for your business, talk to a PaySmart Business Development Manager today.

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What do existing martial arts clients think about PaySmart?

Phil Britten & Graham McDonnell – WA Institute of Martial Arts

“PaySmart has been a professional team from the moment we met with our state account manager. Their customer service is outstanding and they listen to their customers’ needs and do their upmost best to fulfill them.

Web Express is user friendly and the live information is great for answering customer account enquires immediately. We feel as though we are in total control of our student accounts at all times.

We would highly recommend PaySmart to any organization.”

Dion Panossian – Shobukan 

“When you work with PaySmart, you know you’re working with the leader in the field, backed by the customer service and product innovation that goes along with that position. As well as running Shobukan Martial Arts Schools, I also operate an accounting business, so I know businesses need cash flow certainty, they need reporting tools and when they receive their income on a regular basis – whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly – they need an effective collection process. PaySmart has provided all of these things for my business, and I continue to recommend them to my accounting clients.”

Leonardo – ORIGEM BJJ 

“I have been using PaySmart in my marital arts business for the past few years and my business has grown considerably since first utilising PaySmart’s services. I’ve also noticed an increase in my cash flow thanks to their dishonoured payment follow up processes.

I would highly recommend PaySmart to anyone looking to maximise revenue within their business and minimise back-end work for themselves or their staff.

PaySmart have looked after all facets of my business and if there is ever an issue, I can always call my personal BDM or account manager and they deal with the scenario immediately.”

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Thinking direct debit billing? Think PaySmart.