Integration with PaySmart+

If you’re looking for a system that makes it easier to run your business, Think PaySmart. PaySmart can ensure your software, billing, entrance control or other management systems, talk to each other, which simplifies your administrative processes and avoids double entry of data. It’s called integration and it’s delivered through our PaySmart+ solutions tailored for a range of industries.

What’s integration?

Information Systems Integration means linking your software applications together so they all ‘talk’ to each other. For example, a fitness club may use PaySmart direct debit billing, Clubware, which drives the key functionality for member management, and they may also run Paxton, which manages security access control. It’s critical that all systems ‘talk’ to each other and for information to seamlessly pass between them—particularly for 24-hour clubs.

What happens if systems aren’t integrated?

If information systems aren’t integrated, often someone in the business must update each system separately, which is an administrative burden susceptible to error. When systems are integrated or communicating with one another, there’s typically only one point of data entry required—a much simpler process!

Frequently asked questions about integration:

  1. Does integration work automatically? With PaySmart, information is updated across all other systems using a safe, secure network.
  2. What happens if there are problems with the integration? Talk to PaySmart! As a full service direct debit billing company, we work in partnership with you to ensure your direct debit billing and management systems integrate seamlessly—you’ll never be bounced around with PaySmart—our clients come first, always.
  3. What’s the cost of the integration? PaySmart’s end-to-end solution is already integrated with a number of third party systems and we highly recommend going with these options as there is NO additional cost involved for the system integration with existing identified partners. But if your preferred software isn’t on our list, contact us to discuss how we can make that happen.
  4. Which industry management software do you integrate with?
  • Health and fitness:     PaySmart+Clubware, PaySmart+PTminder, PaySmart+tboae
  • Martial arts:                   PaySmart+Clubware or PaySmart+Whitebelt
  • Student residences:   PaySmart+StarRez
  • Fitness:                              PaySmart+FlexWare
  • Tourism and leisure:  PaySmart+CENTAMAN
  • Schools:                             PaySmart+TASS,  PaySmart+MAZE,  PaySmart+SchoolPro, 

If your industry or software isn’t listed above, contact PaySmart today to talk about how we can integrate your preferred business management software with our direct debiting service to give you all the benefits that only PaySmart+ can provide.

Contact the PaySmart Customer Service Centre today on 1800 801 797