Pioneer Village School

Andrea Candy & Helen Underwood
Business Managers,
Pioneer Village School


About Pioneer Village School

Pioneer Village School Armadale is a private school situated in a picturesque and protected heritage setting at the foothills of the Darling Ranges in Armadale, Western Australia. Catering for students from 3yr old kindergarten to year six, the school is proud of its professional staff, high standard of care and the individualised attention provided to its students to achieve academic excellence.     


Working with PaySmart has profoundly improved the management of our tuition fee payments to the school.


Challenges faced

The School’s administration team faced incredibly busy periods during each year that coincided with fee invoicing. This resource-intensive work took the staff away from other important tasks. Plus, as the payment system was quite fluid, and without firm timeframes around payment deadlines, cash flow was unpredictable.


Pioneer Village School found PaySmart to be a very effective way of increasing efficiency and improving cash flow.


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

We were really looking to introduce more structure into our school fee payment system to make it easier for our families and staff-the direct debit option with PaySmart seemed like an ideal solution. Our PaySmart Business Development Manager guided us through the setup of the system and provided all the resources and support we needed to make the transition fast and painless. At first, we were a little concerned that parents would push back on a new payment system, but in reality, that wasn’t the case at all.

The Results

While we still promote some flexibility in payment options, direct debit is definitely our preferred payment method and we now have the majority of our families signed onto the system. Since putting PaySmart in place, not only has our cash position improved, which for a school is vital when it comes to budgetary planning, but our families are also much happier. PaySmart is easy and reduces the burden for families who were having to pay fees up front. And our staff have been freed up to focus on other work. Having the direct debit option in place has made the school fee invoicing process so much easier and less time consuming, particularly at the start of the school year.