Bangor Learning Centre

Christine Bruce
Director, Bangor
Learning Centre

About Bangor Learning Centre

For more than 15 years, Bangor Learning Centre has provided one-to-one tuition for students ranging from pre-school through to year 12, as well as adult education, with proven results. Qualified and experienced teachers help Bangor’s students develop the skills they need to learn and succeed in the classroom through a range of individually tailored programs, including English and maths tutoring, essay writing, exam preparation, HSC tutoring, reading, school readiness and more.     


Challenges faced

Bangor Learning Centre faced a significant debt-collection challenge. A significant number of clients were not adhering to their payment policy and subsequently Centre Director Christine Bruce and her administrative assistant would spend considerable time chasing late payments. Not only was this taking Christine away from her important role as an educator in the Centre, but also the constant conversations about late payments were unpleasant, draining and sometimes aggressive. Often clients continued to attend classes each week while their overdue payments escalated, leaving the Centre tens of thousands of dollars behind in fees. This impacted their cash flow and ability to plan effectively.


I breathe a sigh of relief every single day knowing I don’t have to spend time chasing debt. Working with PaySmart means I can concentrate on the business of helping our students with their education, rather than being faced with an administrative and debt-collecting nightmare. After the success that Bangor has had, the other Learning Centres at Cronulla and Sans Souci have also introduced PaySmart for their clients as well.”


Client Perspective: PaySmart Solution

Having been a PaySmart customer myself through Vision PT, I knew from experience there was a better way to collect fees for Bangor Learning Centre. I was introduced to our local PaySmart Business Development Manager (BDM) who immediately understood my situation and worked hand-in-hand with me to overcome it. We transitioned existing customers over to PaySmart over time, with any new customers going straight onto the PaySmart system. Our BDM gave us all the support we needed, and provided advice on how to best communicate with existing customers to get them onto PaySmart. I had been a little worried about whether there might be pushback, but it wasn’t an issue at all. Many parents welcomed this option as it enabled them to include these payments within their budget. The reporting aspect of PaySmart is also fantastic as it allows us to very easily track where things are at, and if we ever have any questions, the help desk staff are so great to work with. Having access to the system 24/7 is also a real bonus as it allows me to work from home after hours or during holiday periods.

The Results

From the moment our local BDM met with me, PaySmart has been outstanding and the whole process has been stress free. Within six months of implementing the PaySmart system and transitioning our customers across, we have achieved 100% fee payments. Now when I get to the end of the term, I don’t have to worry about chasing fees or students leaving without paying. Instead, I have the cash position and confidence to move forward with planning and budgeting. I’m also very relieved not to have to face the unpleasant conversations associated with debt collection. As a result, I’m more focussed on my business and have the time to work with the great families at Bangor. I whole-heartedly recommend PaySmart to other businesses that regularly collect fees from their customers or clients.