Direct Debit for Associations


PaySmart Association Direct Debit

PaySmart Direct Debit for Associations

Industry associations have been around for many years, but their modes of operation have changed dramatically in recent times. Digital technology now drives communication, marketing, research and advocacy, and associations have had to keep pace with this evolving world.

The way members pay for memberships is changing too. Traditionally, payments would be made in an annual lump sum, which could put pressure on budgets, even creating a barrier to membership for some.

Think direct debit billing
Direct debit billing has the potential to positively transform cash flow for associations. Not only can it deliver regular income to the association throughout the year, which aids in cash flow budgeting, but it can also boost membership numbers and retention as payments become more affordable over a longer period of time.

Plus, using a direct debit billing model reduces the administrative burden on your Secretariat—you’ll no longer have to process and chase down overdue payments—you can leave that to PaySmart! For any association, and not-for-profits in particular, that’s a real bonus as it relieves your staff or volunteers of these admin tasks and steers their time and energies into the project work that matters most.

Want better cash flow?
These days, people are technology-savvy and seek convenience and flexibility when it comes to payments for products, services and even memberships – may even expect it!

Click here to learn how you can improve your cash flow and make it as easy as possible for your members to pay you and continue their memberships!

A win-win for the association and its members
Associations can also use direct debit billing as a way to make participation in association activities easier and more affordable. For example, attendance at trade shows, conferences, awards dinners or professional development programs can sometimes be prohibitive because of cost. But what if you offered members the opportunity to pay these expenses off in smaller portions via direct debit in the lead up to the activity?

It could open up a world of opportunity for your association and your members!

Want to find out how you can reduce administrative tasks and make running your association easier? Think PaySmart and talk to a PaySmart Business Development Manager today.

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