Innovation to improve dishonour payment rates for clients

Any business knows that innovation is critical to its ongoing success—whether it’s new technology, services or ideas to offer that little bit extra to their customers and keep them ahead of the game.

At PaySmart, we’ve made an ongoing commitment to improve the service we offer our clients—to help make their job of running a business easier, so their cash flow is steady and they have more time to focus on what they do best.

PaySmart makes debtor management easier

From April, a new innovation to our debtor management processes is set to make it even easier for your customers to pay you!

We know that sometimes life happens and payments are missed for any number of reasons. When your customer’s regular payment is dishonoured, what currently happens is that Paysmart sends an SMS as soon as the dishonour review process takes place each morning.

However, a new PayNow link will be added to our standard SMSs and emails from April, which will enable customers to fix up missed payments as soon as they receive this correspondence.

That means, a customer can address the missed payment 24/7 when they receive the link—they don’t have to call the Customer Service Centre, which can be awkward for some, or email or go to Internet banking and B-Pay—it can all be done via mobile phone, tablet or PC.

According to PaySmart’s Operations Manager Andrew Cross, this new system innovation will make it easier for customers to address the problem immediately without having to talk to anyone.

“PayNow will give customers direct access to make their overdue payments on any Visa or Mastercard—it doesn’t have to be the details we currently debit—and it will be processed in real time so the customer will be advised within seconds that the payment was successful. This will give customers peace of mind that the problem has been solved, and will ensure clients are paid quickly.”


If you have any questions about PaySmart’s PayNow, contact the Client Account Management Team on 07 3866 9100 or