Electronic forms = less paperwork = greater efficiencies = more time!

Until now, your customers could complete their membership and sign up to PaySmart’s direct debit billing either by a physical paper form or directly online.

However, from 31 March 2017, PaySmart will switch to online contracts and direct debit forms only—we’ll no longer be accepting faxed or uploaded contracts/DDRs. 

Benefits of online forms

PaySmart’s electronic forms are easy to use and are responsive to smart phones and tablets. They are the easiest way to get your clients signed up to your membership and direct debit billing—they’re submitted at the point of completion so there’s no duplicating the data entry at your end or misinterpreting handwritten data, which minimises the risk of error. Less errors means a decreased dishonour rate on the customer’s first payment. And if your prospective client doesn’t sign up on the spot, you can follow them up with a link taking them directly to the form.

Why the change?

  • Not only is a paperless system better for the environment, but electronic methods of loading contracts (eDDR, Sign-On-Line & Weblink) also have inbuilt data integrity checks—this increases efficiency and reduces the risk of failed payments—win!
  • Also, while faxed contracts and DDRs are prioritised by debit date, electronic methods are loaded immediately at contract sign up—so eDDR, Sign-On-Line and Weblink contracts can be debited as early as the next business day—win!

What does this mean for PaySmart clients? 

  • If you’re already exclusively using online contracts and eDDRs, there’s nothing for you to do (apart from giving yourself a pat on the back for being kind to the environment!).
  • If you do occasionally or often use paper contracts and DDRs, note that PaySmart will not be supplying any more proforma pads.
  • It’s also important to note that faxed contracts or DDRs will not be processed (loaded) from 31 March 2017—eDDR, Sign-On-Line and Weblink will be the only options to load new customers to PaySmart.

What if I want to continue using paper contracts?

You can still print a contract via the “PaySmart Forms” icon in WebExpress. This can be signed and completed with the customer, and then entered into PaySmart via eDDR.

What do our clients think about online forms?

“Going paperless with PaySmart’s Sign-On-Line forms has been the best thing for our Clubs. With multiple locations and staff members, using Sign-On-Line means that everything is submitted on the spot, eliminating the possibility of misplaced paperwork and incorrect bank details, while also saving staff and the members’ time. This kind of technology solution presents a really professional image to the customers too and it’s great that the member receives a copy of the paperwork directly to their email address.”

—Jamie, XFC Manager

Still have questions or need some training on eDDR/WebExpress? Please contact the Client Account Management Team on 07 3866 9100 or all_cams@paysmart.com.au if you require any assistance or clarification.