As 2016 stretches out ahead…

The tinsel has been boxed up for another year, the staff have filtered back from summer holidays and schools are back into swing—always clear signals that another work year has ‘officially’ begun.

This time of year can be tough in terms of energy levels, to get the troops reinvigorated and to get everyone feeling energised about the tasks at hand.

While the role of CEO is so varied depending on the type of company you’re responsible for, I’ve always considered setting the organisational vision for the year and helping to generate a buzz among the staff for what’s on the horizon, to be an important part of my job.

This April will mark my fourth year as PaySmart CEO. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved during this time and continue to be inspired by the successful businesses our clients have created with PaySmart. I’m also excited about what’s yet to come more broadly for the business—cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships and clever products and services that will anticipate and meet client needs.

A new year also marks the beginning of new experiences and opportunities for learning. Like any employee, being a CEO is a work in progress as you never stop growing—there’s no finite point when you’ve learned all there is to know.

That’s something I’d most like to instil in my staff at PaySmart…each year brings an opportunity for development, to learn and to broaden their professional skills and experiences—and in true PaySmart style—to have some fun along the way as they do it! After all, one of a CEO’s most critical responsibilities is to surround themselves with smart, experienced people who love what they do—the right people who will work with you achieve the vision for the year.

For now, whether you’re a client, a partner or a friend, I’d like to wish you every success in 2016.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts and ideas about leadership and business on this blog in the coming months and I’d love to hear your comments and feedback along the way.

Ian Jones
CEO, PaySmart