Convert Leads Into Clients With Our Top Sales Tips For Personal Trainers

You’re great at what you do, but how do you communicate that to prospective clients to ‘seal the deal’ and sign them up? This month, we share our top tips to help get you over the line with new sales. 

  1. Exude confidence – focus on the value of the services you offer and the benefits the prospective client will receive.
  2. Emotional appeal – keep in mind that selling relies on a prospect’s emotions and will help you close the sale.
  3. Go direct – phone prospects directly to make sales appointments.
  4. Be prepared – prepare thoroughly for the appointment; know what questions to ask and what information to seek.
  5. Listen – work hard to develop a rapport but encourage your prospective client to do most of the talking.
  6. Pay attention – listen carefully to what they’re saying, as well as what they are conveying through body language.
  7. Be responsive – answer all of your prospect’s questions simply and honestly, giving them positive recognition for any great questions they ask.
  8. It’s all about them – focus on your prospect’s fitness goals and what they see as their particular needs.
  9. Define their responsibility – emphasise the importance of their total commitment to reaching their fitness goals.
  10. Offer solutions – provide your prospect with the best possible solution to meet their needs and reassure them you’ll provide this solution to help them achieve their goals.
  11. Value – when talking about time and money, talk about it in terms of ‘investment’.
  12. Make the booking – schedule your first session with your new client and let them know what they can expect.
  13. Be clear about your policies – outline your policy regarding the rescheduling and cancelling of sessions.
  14. Cross all your “t’s” – ensure all the relevant paperwork is completed and you have all the information you need.
  15. Provide support material – give your client your marketing materials, including testimonials, and ask them for referrals.

Now that you’ve successfully completed a sale, it’s essential that you meet your new client’s expectations. Remember to always under-promise and over-deliver. It’s now your responsibility and your priority to give your new client the assistance they want and need to meet their fitness goals. Contact us if you’d like to know more


Jason Urbanowicz is a Director and presenter at Create PT Wealth with business partner, and Australia’s highest paid Personal Trainer, Brad Sheppard. Create PT Wealth is the fitness industry’s most sought after coaching and mentoring company, renown for providing fitness professionals with the education, resources and support required to develop a profitable fitness business. 

From 2008 to 2014, they educated over 6,500 personal trainers via their two-day business building seminars, and each year, around 120 students undertake their mentoring programs. They are the Authors of a number 1 best selling book, “A Personal Trainer’s Guide To Wealth Creation”. Both Jason and Brad started in the fitness industry in 1995 and have a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to build a highly profitable business.