Direct debit Services


Do you run an RTO, a child care centre, a Pilates studio, a martial arts schools, a school, a student residence or a gym? If so, you’ll know how challenging it can be to keep on top of payments when your customers aren’t signed up to a regular direct debit option.

Direct debit services

Direct debit services—what’s in it for business owners?

For business owners, it’s really simple. PaySmart’s ‘full service’ direct debit facilities, at no extra cost can:

  • Help you stabilise and maximise your cash flow—we collect, clear and pay fees promptly and accurately
  • Ensure the integrity of your customers’ data
  • Streamline your administrative processes
  • Help you build loyalty and long-term productive relationships with your customers
  • Free up your time.
Direct debit billing services

Direct debit services—what’s in it for your customers?

To access your products and services, your customers pay a fee—and they’re seeking flexibility and convenience when paying that fee. This subscription model allows them to chip away at their bills rather than paying a lump sum up front. But they also want to be treated well and for the process to be seamless.

Customer benefits when using direct debit billing services:

  • Convenience: once customers complete the paperwork for their regular payments, they can set it and forget it, taking away the stress of remembering to pay their bills.
  • Flexibility: we know customers want convenience and flexibility—direct debit billing allows them to chip away at a fee rather than paying it in a lump sum up front.
  • Support: customers receive free support from our Customer Service Centre experts should they ever need it.
  • Security: customers can rest assured their data is safe with PaySmart—we’re a leader in ensuring the highest standards of data security with a Level 1 (Version 2) PCI-DSS Compliance rating, plus all of our data is stored in Australia.

So now that you’re clear on why using direct debit billing is a smart idea, read on to find out why you should Think PaySmart, the benchmark in New Zealand and Australian Direct Debit Companies.

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