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How RTOs & Schools benefit from direct debit billing

These days subscription payments are part of everyday life—bills, gym memberships, music, phone plans, Netflix, and the list goes on. Bite-sized fees paid regularly, that make the total cost more manageable and affordable, have become the new standard. Payment options for the VET and independent school sector should be no different. We all know that [...]

Facing up to the gap between leadership reality vs perception

By Nick McEwan-Hall It’s with great interest that I’ve been reading the largest survey of leadership in Australia, the Study of Australian Leadership (SAL), and a pile of online articles relating to it. From my perspective, these are some of the most interesting findings: There is a gap between managers’ perceptions of their own leadership [...]

The Race to the Bottom

By Marie Vassallo No matter where you look in the Australian mainstream media today, the news about vocational education is all doom and gloom. Headlines about ‘dodgy providers’ abound, with rehashed stories printed on a weekly, if not on a daily basis. These stories often confuse investigations underway by a variety of regulators including the [...]