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Tag: Nick McEwan-Hall

Facing up to the gap between leadership reality vs perception

By Nick McEwan-Hall It’s with great interest that I’ve been reading the largest survey of leadership in Australia, the Study of Australian Leadership (SAL), and a pile of online articles relating to it. From my perspective, these are some of the most interesting findings: There is a gap between managers’ perceptions of their own leadership [...]

We can’t hear for all the “SHOUTING!!!”

As I began writing this first blog post for 2016, I wondered how the first six weeks of the year had flown by so quickly. My Mum always used to tell me the years get faster as you get older, and as a young(er) person, I used to think it was rubbish. However, it wouldn’t [...]

Guilty by association?

It’s no secret in the VET sector, that a couple of big RTOs (not just one, even though that’s all we see talked about) have had some challenges, and made some pretty big waves in our industry over the last 24 months. I find the amount of media scrutiny very interesting. It’s not something I [...]