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Tag: Marie Vassallo

The Race to the Bottom

By Marie Vassallo No matter where you look in the Australian mainstream media today, the news about vocational education is all doom and gloom. Headlines about ‘dodgy providers’ abound, with rehashed stories printed on a weekly, if not on a daily basis. These stories often confuse investigations underway by a variety of regulators including the [...]

The Focus of Education

Over the Christmas break many friends and relatives wanted to talk to me about the headlines that have been appearing in the newspapers and social media over the last few months—VET FEE-HELP rorting, training companies going into liquidation, the freeze on government funding, and student debts etc. However among clients and colleagues, while these topics [...]

Do you value your best asset?

I suppose we could debate what any business’s best asset is, but for my money, it’s always people. Without good people, no matter how fantastic your product is, you won’t sell it, your customers won’t come back, and the backend won’t be seamless. All of these individual aspects of a business require good people. This [...]