Direct Debit for RTOs


PaySmart Direct Debit for RTOs

RTOs are no different to any other business—strong, secure cash flow can make the world of difference, and enable you to invest in your RTO now, and plan for the future.

But for RTOs, often the biggest barrier to getting students to pay fees is the way they’re collected. Students want a simple, flexible way to pay their fees. As for your accounts payable staff, we’re sure they’d rather not be spending their days chasing down students for late payments. By choosing PaySmart as your RTO’s direct debit billing service, you’ll make your students and your staff happy, and you’ll probably see your collection rate rise too!

PaySmart deposits fees into your RTO’s account quickly and securely after your students’ accounts are debited, making administration simple and hassle free. PaySmart also integrates with education management software including TASS, MAZE and SchoolPro.

So if your RTO is looking for a better, seamless solution for collecting payments and managing cash flow, Think PaySmart and talk to a Business Development Manager today.

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Thinking direct debit billing? Think PaySmart.