PaySmart and PTminder


Direct debit for health and fitness

Looking to grow your Personal Training Business?

PaySmart has worked in partnership with the fitness industry for more than 20 years and we’re yet to come across a successful business that didn’t use direct debit as a core component of their business structure.

During the early 1990’s, the fitness industry saw the introduction of direct debit billing transform gyms from cash-based operations, to more secure subscription-based models, giving them better cash flow security and making expansion possible.

PaySmart’s integrated billing and management software solutions are able to be tailored to perfectly suit Personal Training businesses and it’s fully integrated with personal training management software PTminder making all processes seamless, real time, and reporting available 24/7. This removes the stress from the process of collecting payments, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync, and frees you up to focus on what you do best. PaySmart and PTminder will provide you will all the tools you need to successfully manage and grow your Personal Training Business.


PTminder is an outstanding cloud-based Website & Mobile App that manages the day to day running of your Personal Training business. Whether you’re working as a solo PT or part of a Studio or Gym, PTminder will help take care of the admin.

PTminder will keep your business running smoothly with these great tools:

Easily manage your busy schedule and bookings with the Calendar

Collecting payments from your clients is a breeze with our payment systems

Track client information and their results. Clients can login to view shared info & pay you online

Publish your group classes online so your clients can view the upcoming schedule & book online

Setup and sell your own Package & Membership offerings

Reduce no-shows with our automatic SMS/text and email reminders

Create & assign your own Workout Plans from hundreds of detailed exercises

Build & assign your own Nutrition Plans from thousands of ingredients

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Dion, Keepfit Personal Training and Bootcamp

PTminder together with PaySmart has been a dream come true for my business. Running a personal training and bootcamp business is near impossible if you have to manually book people into sessions, reply to text messages, emails etc. It’s time consuming, messy and not current with today’s technological age. PTminder has given my clients the ability to book into their chosen sessions via a mobile app that even has my logo on it. It’s quick, efficient and super easy to use…and…it’s integrated with PaySmart’s fantastic direct debit processes. The support I’ve received from my PaySmart Business Development Manager has been great too—I’m really noticing the positive impact on my business as I’m using less time for admin, which is allowing me to focus more on my business.

Mark Rapa, owner-operator Oceans 24/7

We’ve been working with PaySmart now for 19 years. That in itself says something about how we feel about them—they’re excellent to work with and continue to innovate. We’ve added PTminder into our software suite in addition to Clubware. It’s great because all the systems are integrated. But most importantly, it’s taken our PT business to a new level. The PTminder app is professional and empowers our clients to make their appointments with ease. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of planning for our PTs. They know if they’re going to have 2 or 6 clients in their sessions, and who they are, so they can plan and tailor their programs so the clients really benefit. Using PTminder has definitely enhanced our PT business.

Thinking direct debit billing? Think PaySmart.