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What’s inside this book?

Attracting new leads into your pipeline
– For smaller businesses with limited resources, what’s the most effective way to do that?
– How can businesses be smart about generating leads with limited time and budgets?
– And when is the best time to ask existing clients for referrals?

Converting new leads to members
– You’ve attracted new leads into your pipeline, find out how to convert them and adopt a sales process!

Retaining members
– 9 top methods to retain your members

Reducing Costs
– What are your business expenses and are you getting the best bang for your expenditure bucks?
– Practical ways to cut costs

Marketing for on going success
– 4 top methods to achieve ongoing success with your marketing activities

What people say about PaySmart

Chris and Corrine Chalmers – CrossFit Geelong

“PaySmart has proven themselves to us year after year with their professionalism and attention to detail. Their Customer Service Centre and client service is brilliant. They constantly look at ways to improve efficiencies, which helps us as a growing business. WebLink has decreased time spent on administration, which reduces our overheads and means we make better use of our time with new and existing members. For us, no one else comes close to the standards set by PaySmart.”

Hayley Becket – absonfitness

“Working with PaySmart has enabled a steady stream of cash flow into the business, which has given me the confidence to dedicate more time and focus to other areas of absonfitness.”

Direct Debit for Health and Fitness

PaySmart has worked in partnership with the fitness industry for more than 20 years and we’re yet to come across a successful business that didn’t use direct debit as a core component of their business structure.

During the early 1990’s, the fitness industry saw the introduction of direct debit billing transform gyms from cash-based operations, to more secure subscription-based models, giving them better cash flow security and making expansion possible.

PaySmart’s integrated billing and management software solutions are tailored to both large and small-to-medium sized players in the Health & Fitness and Gym industries, and because it’s fully integrated with club management software such as Clubware and PTminder, the whole process is seamless, real time, and available 24/7. This removes the stress from the process, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync, and frees you up to focus on what you do best.

For PTs, PaySmart also provide clients with exclusive access to a suite of complimentary business coaching resources through a partnership with Create PT Wealth. Talk to a PaySmart Business Development Manager today if you’d like to know more.

Whether you’re a PT, a yoga instructor, you run a boutique fitness business or a large gym or fitness franchise, Think PaySmart—we know the fitness industry and we have a direct debit solution to meet your needs.

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