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Direct debit for golf and sporting clubs

PaySmart Direct Debit for Golf and Sporting Clubs

PaySmart works with golf clubs and sporting clubs across Australia, helping simplify the process of collecting membership fees and giving club managers more time to focus on building successful businesses.

However many sporting clubs still collect their membership fees annually, making them heavily reliant on that massive influx of membership dollars once a year. In the interim, these clubs must manage outgoing expenditure and wages very closely, and late payments can be cause for great concern. Also, for many of the members, annual fees paid in a lump sum are a major expense to budget for and a big commitment to sign up to.

These days, clubs must make it easy for their members to pay—particularly for younger members who expect an automatic payment option. Direct Debit subscription payments remove the hassle of having to find the cash up front and the time to physically pay the bill each month, as well as the worry that comes with late fees.

Sporting clubs that use a monthly direct debit billing system like PaySmart can transform their cash flow management and engagement with members. With a secure and ongoing line of cash flow, golf and sporting clubs can spend more time working ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ the business.

So if your club is looking for a better, seamless solution for collecting payments and managing cash flow, Think PaySmart and talk to a Business Development Manager today.

Thinking direct debit billing? Think PaySmart.