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Author: Peter de Been

Keeping Your Student Family Together

It’s one thing to get new students through the door, but keeping them is a whole other challenge. There’s no doubt that having a steady pipeline of new students signing up is the single most important aspect of running a martial arts business, however a low retention rate can make our businesses stagnate and, in [...]

Nurturing students for competition

When we consider the needs and expectations of our students, quite often the word “competition” comes up. While many students wish to compete as soon a possible, others will come around to it after a little time—and then there are some who have no intention to compete ever. It can be a logistical nightmare to [...]

Creating the Right Environment in Your Business

There are many different types of businesses, so naturally, many different factors determine each one’s success. The martial arts business is very much a person-to-person model—interaction on a personal level is a critical part of martial arts instruction. However, successful martial arts businesses not only require a high level of physical interaction, but are also [...]