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Author: Kathryn Taylor

Acceptance of Change for Positive Growth

Throughout the year students, teachers and parents are faced with many challenges including new classes or topics, peers, colleagues, regulations and processes. Ringing in the hallway is a resounding “I hate change”, “What do we have to do NOW?” and “But why?” We feel “lost” or out of control with change yet if we reflect, [...]

Educating Students – Your Career is Your Business

Building careers into education is always a challenge with a dense curriculum and time-poor students and staff. In the current workforce, employment usually results from a combination of one or more of the following: who you know, what you’ve done and what you know. A degree or certificate no longer guarantees employability as employers seek [...]

Are you a coach or a problem solver?

Recent research has highlighted parenting trends have moved beyond ‘helicopter’ and ‘lawn mower’ parenting, to what experts are calling ‘marshmallow’ parenting, a style of parenting resulting in low resilience levels and poor understanding of reality in children, and later as adults. Whether your child is challenged by interactions with peers, struggling with a particular teacher, [...]