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Author: Dr Brenda Abbey

Sustain your childcare business

In today’s economic climate, the challenges may seem greater than ever to sustain your childcare business. It is essential to deliver a high quality education and care program for children and their families, and to run at a profit. Most owners and managers know you need a business plan to inform your business for the [...]

The Golden Rule of Copyright

Dr Brenda Abbey, Childcare by Design, and Roslyn Copas, AusVoc Educational Publishing Early childhood educators love to share ideas and collaborate over resources. Their motivation is to facilitate the best outcomes for children. However, in the process, these same educators often unknowingly or purposely disregard the copyright of others, and also display poor professional ethics. [...]

Should Centres Have a Code of Conduct for Parents?

A Code of Conduct for Parents (CCP) is a hot topic amongst educators in childcare centres. The CCP sets out the manners, behaviour and conduct expected of parents in their dealings with staff, students, volunteers, other parents and children at the centre. The catalyst for CCPs has been the increasing number of educators who feel [...]