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Author: Dennis Hosking

You Are What You Post

By Dennis Hosking, HealthyPeople.com.au I’ve said this many times, if you’re applying for jobs… “Employers are checking out your social media presence (especially Facebook) before they bother calling your references.” If you’re not locking down your social accounts, you need to be sure that what you post (and what others post about you) reflects the way [...]

Setting Up Your CV for a Move into the Fitness Industry

Writing a winning resume can be a daunting task, especially if you’re changing careers or industries. While aimed at those making the jump into the fitness industry, the following details are no less relevant for established professionals who want to best represent themselves. When you’re competing for roles with seasoned professionals, you need to ensure your CV [...]

A Manager’s Manifesto

Leading a team of fitness professionals, whether a small division or an entire club, can be a challenge. But it’s a challenge worth rising to—management always has a huge influence on staff turnover (or, preferably, lack thereof). To help you stay on top of your management game here’s a 10-point manifesto to work from… Always get the full story before [...]