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Author: Andrew Simmons

How to build a client base without spending any money

You may have heard of Vision Personal Training and know it to be Australia’s largest Personal Training Studio Franchise Network—you’d be right, but like many success stories, Vision started with a simple idea that was executed well. I built up my very first personal training studio business, Vision Personal Training in Caringbah, to consistently deliver more [...]

How did we end up fatter, sicker and weaker?

Fatter, sicker and weaker than ever before—unfortunately, that’s the current health status of many people in the developed world. It’s unbelievable really that this could be true, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. These countries alone have access to a greater array of health and fitness facilities, registered health professionals, and information networks than ever [...]

Follow Your Moral Compass

One of my favourite quotes is, "Follow your moral compass regardless of the trends" by leadership guru John Maxwell. With so many fads and trends constantly entering the fitness industry, it’s easy for business owners to lose focus or get sucked in by these trends, even if they don’t necessarily believe in them. Personally, I [...]