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Are You PCI-DSS Compliant? Think PaySmart!

Think PaySmart – Direct Debit Billing

PaySmart are returning to AuSAE’s ACE for yet another year and this year we want to speak with you about PCI Compliance.

Do you currently process credit cards for your subscription based memberships? How do you store your credit card data?

Privacy and security are two words at the top of everyone’s lips right now. It’s imperative your doing your part to ensure your members information including their payment information is stored as per the highest level security standards.

Ease your members minds and Think PaySmart. At PaySmart we are absolutely committed to keeping your data safe and your customers’ data safe—guaranteed. All of our data is stored in Australia and we’re a leader in ensuring the highest standards of data security with a Level 1 (Version 3.1) PCI-DSS Compliance rating—and that means peace of mind.

Find out more about PCI-DSS Compliance and Book in a consult below to speak to one of our friendly Business Development Managers at AuSAE’s ACE.

Enhance your association’s membership retention

Does your association spend a lot of energy chasing annual renewal payments? And do your retention levels waver each year depending on how active you are?

PaySmart understands that all associations are different—some run on a calendar year membership cycle, which means it can be hard to chase up payments over the holiday season.

Others that run in line with the financial year face a similar challenge around the end of the financial year when they get buried in a busy time for business.

Associations that send renewals by post and require a manual transfer or bank cheque payment can get lost in piles of paperwork or the ‘too-hard basket’. And those that require re-registration each year online may miss out on the renewal if it feels like too much of a hassle.

What if there was a simple solution? 

It’s easier than you may think. Associations that work with PaySmart know that we take the stress out of membership payments for members and associations. Through a regular direct debit payment, members can pay off their membership over the course of the year. And if you give your members the option to pay their membership off weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly through direct debit, it can also help with the association’s cash flow, reduce administration and, with PaySmart’s dishonour follow-up process, free up your team so they can focus on building your membership base.

But the key to retention is setting up an auto renewal for your members.

That means that each year, the process of paying their membership ticks over automatically, without having to complete paperwork or a sign-up process again online.

PaySmart works with associations across Australia and many have told us that putting an automatic membership renewal process in place has positively impacted their membership retention rates—which is good for association budgets and for building a sustainable association.

Getting started with PaySmart is easy and comes with the full support of our customer service team, client account managers and business development team.

Contact PaySmart today to get direct debit billing in place for 2018 memberships at your association!

Thinking direct debit billing? Think PaySmart.