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Category: Associations

Make your association’s EOFY renewals a breeze

Does the end of financial year mean it’s also time to chase membership renewals? Many associations are run by just one person or a very small team, so it can mean an extra-heavy administrative workload at an already busy tax time. And we all know that follow up is part of the job when it [...]

Enhance your association’s membership retention

Does your association spend a lot of energy chasing annual renewal payments? And do your retention levels waver each year depending on how active you are? PaySmart understands that all associations are different—some run on a calendar year membership cycle, which means it can be hard to chase up payments over the holiday season. Others [...]

Boosting association recruitment & retention efforts

While industry association membership is a non-negotiable for some sectors and senior staff, for others, and often those in more junior positions, it can be a self-funded expense that stretches the budget. And this is a shame, because people at the beginning of their careers have so much to gain from industry association membership—they’re usually [...]