Using Clubware to boost holiday business

We all know that things can start to slow during December as everyone’s lives get a little crazy with Christmas and school functions and a reduction in motivation levels! But for gyms using Clubware, you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve that can help with your promotion, engagement and planning during this time.

The member app Clubware launched earlier in the year is a powerful tool for fitness businesses to connect with their members. It provides your members with convenient, real-time information at their fingertips about your program, and their payments and membership.

The key is to ensure your members are using it—and to do that, you might like to run a reminder promotion and maybe even incentivise it, because it’s not only a great tool for your members, but it’s also an excellent engagement tool for gyms.

How the Clubware app can help during the holiday season:

  • Remind your members that they’ll have ‘live’ access to your timetable, hours of operation and any close-down periods through the app.
  • They can make their bookings for PT sessions and special classes through the app too—this will help you plan your staffing arrangements when you have this information on hand.
  • Members can also check their billing details through the app so they know where they’re at with their regular payments over the public holiday season.
  • You may even want to run a special deal through the app in the lead up to Christmas—a bring-a-friend campaign or a Christmas gift visitor pass or membership offer.

Integration with direct debit billing

Of course the other benefit of Clubware and PaySmart integration is that over the holiday season, gym owners can rest assured that their billing and club management processes are integrating seamlessly, in real time, and with reporting available 24/7—public holiday or not!

Plus, if your gym will continue to operate after hours during the holiday season with minimal or no staff, Clubware also offers the benefit of 24-hour access control integration, so the members who should be getting access to your facilities, can do so without issue.

Of course the front desk admin tools, management tools, online bookings capabilities for group classes and marketing tools for gym management all provide major benefits too!

So if you’re looking for a little boost in your silly season business tool kit, don’t forget to make the Clubware app part of your strategy, all while the integration with PaySmart helps you to keep cash flow on track, debtors managed and memberships in sync…so you can have a little holiday too!

Contact a PaySmart Business Development Manager today for more information about PaySmart+Clubware or how to use the Clubware app to boost your fitness business.