SchoolSmart v2: get ready for the 2019 school billing period!

As the school year draws to a close, administrators and finance teams will be pleased to hear that PaySmart’s SchoolSmart system is now delivering even more benefits to schools, with the recent release of version 2 (v2).

As current PaySmart clients would know, SchoolSmart is a payment system designed to simplify school fee payment processes. This reduces workload pressures on school admin teams and transforms their billing systems, resulting in significant improvements to payment rates.

What’s new in SchoolSmart v2?

The key change with SchoolSmart v2 is that it provides more helpful tools to manage student data over the lifetime of their enrollment at a school.

  • When SchoolSmart was first released, we provided an innovative method of importing student enrollments into PaySmart, along with links to electronic sign-up forms for each guardian.
  • Version 2 builds on this—when student enrollments are uploaded into SchoolSmart v2, we can identify the ones that are already registered with PaySmart and provide the appropriate tools to manage those relationships.

We also added some quality of life enhancements for both the school and the guardian:

  • Guardians can now change the start date that’s pre-set on the Direct Debit Request form we send to anything up to and before the set start date.
  • They can also edit any of the other pre-set data.

Schools will also benefit with the introduction of a summary email sent at the end of each business day which details information changes that guardians have made via SchoolSmart.

These enhancements, along with all the awesome enrollment management tools that come with the SchoolSmart solution, make SchoolSmart v2 an even better system for schools and families.

PaySmart is proud of these great new features, and our team is continually planning to ensure new improvements will deliver an even better service to our education clients.

If your team is tired of manually entering families’ payment details, receipting payments, or following up late or dishonoured payments, contact PaySmart today to get SchoolSmart v2 in place for the 2019 school year.