Strategies to avoid holiday cancellations

When the Christmas decorations appear around town, the countdown to summer holidays is on! So November is a great time to put strategies in place to ensure your members aren’t tempted to cancel their gym or program memberships due to their summer travel or extended holiday plans.

What are my options?

To avoid cancellations, let your members know that you have a great option available to them over the summer, and that is, to suspend their membership through PaySmart for a small fee. For example, you could charge your members $5 per fortnight to essentially pause their memberships, and when they’re back from their holiday, they can get straight back into it.

How does it work?

Putting a membership suspension process in place is easy—your PaySmart Client Account Manager can activate this through PaySmart so there’s no extra paperwork for you to complete or fees. Plus it’s really easy for your members and there’s a mechanism to collect that little bit of additional revenue.

How can I get started?

Your first call should be to your PaySmart Business Development or Client Account Manager who will work with you to explain the process and how to activate it.

Then, you need to let your members know that this option is available to them so they can factor it into their holiday planning.

It’s time to think about your strategy for managing the quieter periods that we know are coming along with the jingle bells, so you can keep your membership numbers strong, your customers happy and your bank balance healthy and ready for New Year.

Contact PaySmart today and talk to us about how we can easily put this suspension option in place for you in preparation for the Christmas period, as well as other important plans to activate before you go on leave—two heads are always better than one!

Contact a PaySmart Client Account Manager today.