The powerful link between physical and mental health

According to Beyond Blue, regular physical activity not only helps you stay fit, but it can also help prevent or manage mild anxiety or depression. It’s an important tip considering more than three million Australians are living with depression or anxiety.*

This is precisely why PaySmart client Plus Fitness ran a campaign with over 150 of its Australian-based franchisees—to highlight the benefits of exercise in addressing mental health issues.

Each participating franchisee donated $25 for each new member who joined their gym in August, raising a remarkable $140,000 for Beyond Blue during its National ‘Lift Yourself Up’ campaign. The funds raised will support Beyond Blue’s work to improve the lives of those affected by anxiety, depression and suicide in Australia.

Plus Fitness Franchisor Nigel Miller was proud of the contribution the franchise network had made:

“Regular exercise is of great benefit to those who experience anxiety and depression and there is a strong synergy with the services we provide and the good work that the team at Beyond Blue does on a daily basis. We’re confident that what our franchisees have achieved here will make a real difference and help create more awareness of the importance of supporting those around us who are affected by anxiety, depression or suicide.”

PaySmart National Sales Manager Colin Walker said the Plus Fitness campaign was testament to the fact that individuals and businesses could make an incredible impact.

“So many of the businesses in the PaySmart family are involved in the health and fitness industry, so even if they don’t have the capacity to mobilise on a national scale, they still play a vital role in contributing to stronger mental health through the support they provide to clients on their fitness journeys.”

Tips from Beyond Blue

Physical activity increases your wellbeing. The current recommendation is at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most, and preferably all, days of the week. However, people with anxiety or depression may find it difficult to get started or get motivated, or continue to exercise on a long-term basis.

Research shows that keeping active can:

  • help lift mood through improved fitness and the release of natural chemicals in the brain
  • help improve sleeping patterns
  • increase energy levels
  • help block negative thoughts and/or distract people from daily worries
  • help people feel less alone if they exercise with others.

Read more about the Plus Fitness campaign here.

Read more information from Beyond Blue about mental health and staying active here.

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