Direct debit for health and fitness

Laying the ground work for a bumper spring membership drive

With the warmer weather here at last in spring, it’s the perfect time to energise your fitness business and put some strategies in place for membership growth. In fact, with summer around the corner, a membership deal could be just the thing to motivate new members to sign on with your fitness business.

Whether it’s a short-term promotion, introduce a friend campaign or a trial pass—strike while the motivation levels are on the rise with a campaign to build momentum now!

PaySmart can add value to this process through our join online and sign online templates. When you have a new member keen to join, they can complete our electronic direct debit form (eDDR) via a link on your website—it’s available 24/7, the features are easy to use and it’s responsive to smart phones and tablets.

Alternatively, you can work through the sign online process in person with your new customer—you can process their direct debit billing paperwork on the spot and get it straight into the system, so there’s no double up on data entry.

Plus, PaySmart can customise the look and feel of your forms to ensure they tie in with your business branding—from logos, to images and contact details, it’s all packaged to be an extension of the professional service you provide to your members.

Other benefits of PaySmart’s online forms:

  • reduce time spent on administration as there’s no duplication of data required
  • inbuilt data integrity checks within our systems means fewer errors from data entry and reduced dishonour rates
  • if you don’t finalise the membership process during a face-to-face meeting, you can send a link to your prospect to finalise the eDDR form at home
  • tailor your forms with promo codes when you choose to
  • electronic systems speed up the payment process so your member can get started quickly and you can get paid sooner
  • paperless systems benefit the environment, your filing system and your admin team!

Contact a PaySmart Client Account Manager today to tailor join online templates with your branding ready for your spring membership drive!