Easing the pressure on school business administrators

Education business administrators have the critical task of ensuring the smooth running of their schools, so their teaching staff can focus on the important job of educating students.

A school that’s running effectively makes everyone’s job easier—but as anyone working in schools would know, it’s easier said than done.

Take chasing outstanding school fees for example. This seemingly simple task can be a vacuum for time and sanity. For any single family whose fees are overdue, it can potentially signify hours of time for the administration team to contact, follow up, discuss and determine a plan to rectify the situation. And if your school has a large population, this can very quickly blow out to days or weeks.

And that’s not even factoring in invoicing processes and data collection!

School business administrators need the time to focus on more strategic aspects of their work, to ensure they are providing a cost-efficient, innovative framework upon which the core business of any school can be delivered.

Helping education business administrators with PaySmart

PaySmart is an important tool in any school business administrator’s kit. We’ve designed a payment system specifically for schools that follows a simple three-step process and gives your school families the freedom to choose a payment frequency that suits them.

By using PaySmart’s tailored SchoolSmart system, your school’s administration team won’t have to:

  • manually enter parents’ payment details
  • receipt payments to parents, or
  • follow up late or dishonoured payments.

PaySmart’s SchoolSmart system is easy to use and will:

  • simplify the payment process
  • reduce the pressure on your administration team at critical times of the year, and
  • transform your school’s billing systems so your payment rate skyrockets!

What are the benefits?

When you can count on the fees coming in on time, every time, you know where you stand with your budget. This is essential for education business administrators who need to plan and manage cash flow. And when it comes to dishonoured or late payments, PaySmart will follow them up on your behalf, freeing up you and your staff to work on other projects that benefit your school.

Schools are busy, we really understand that—and we know there is limited time to change systems and implement something new. However, PaySmart offers an incredibly simple payment system tailored to the needs of schools, and the best part is that we can have you up and running within less than a week.

If you’d like to find out more about PaySmart’s expertise in the schools sector and how we can help you lower the dishonour rate on your fee payments, talk to one of PaySmart’s Business Development Managers today or find us at the upcoming CEBA conference.