Direct debit for health and fitness

Finding time to do what you’re great at

Often business owners can get so consumed with running a business that they can miss out on doing the work they’re really passionate about—the thing that inspired them to run a business in the first place!

For fitness businesses it could be the joy you get from running a great PT session or class, or designing programs for your members that help them achieve amazing results. Or maybe it’s just being on the floor to give your members the moral support they need to go the extra mile.

Whatever your passion, it’s really hard to get to it when you’re busy following up on late or dishonoured payments, and manually processing payments and forms and resigning members when their annual membership comes up for renewal.

Life is too short to not do the things you love most!

When you work with PaySmart you can say farewell to all that administrative legwork around payments and prepare for the extra time you’ll have to focus on your members and business growth.

We’re a service-focused business so when you’re ready to make your life infinitively easier, PaySmart will help you get set up, we’ll respond to your questions, we’ll manage non-payments on your behalf, and we’ll work with you to make adjustments to your billing systems, processes and customer information along the way.

PaySmart has been working with the health and fitness sector for more than 20 years, so we’ve developed integrated billing and management software solutions tailored to both large and small-to-medium sized players in the health and fitness, and gym industries. And because we’re fully integrated with club management software such as Clubware, PTminder, tboae and FlexWare, the whole process is seamless, real time, and available 24/7.

Integration with your direct debit billing system removes the stress from the process, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync, and frees up your time.

We also know that as a business owner, you don’t operate a standard 9-5 day, so we designed our systems to give you the flexibility to access and amend your customers’ account information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via our online system Web Express.

Our Business Development Managers have local knowledge and industry experience and can help support your business aims and growth plans, at no extra cost. Contact PaySmart today to reclaim the work you are most passionate about, and leave the billing work to us.